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Legal Disclaimer

Exclusion of Liability

The information contained in this website for RS Technologies Inc. (“RS”) is intended solely to provide general guidance on matters of interest for the personal use of the reader, who accepts full responsibility for its use. The information is provided with the understanding that the authors and publishers are not herein engaged in rendering design, engineering or other professional advice or services, nor are they endorsing any particular product or product configuration for any particular use, including but not limited to any transmission, distribution or communication pole or structure application. As such, the information should not be used as a substitute for direct engagement and consultation with qualified individuals from RS.

The website and the information (including changes to the terms herein) may be changed or updated from time to time without notice. In consideration for using RS's website, the reader agrees to hold RS and its affiliates and subsidiaries, and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents, harmless against any claims for damages or costs or any loss of any kind arising out of the access to or use of this website or any information contained in or obtained through this website.

While RS has made every attempt to ensure the information contained in this site has been obtained from reliable sources, RS is not responsible for any errors or omissions, or for the results obtained from the use or misuse of this information. All information in this site is provided "as is," with no guarantee of completeness, accuracy, timeliness or of the results obtained from the use of this information, and is provided without warranty of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, warranties of performance, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Nothing herein shall to any extent substitute for the independent investigations and the sound technical and business judgement of the reader. Laws and regulations are continually changing and can be interpreted only in light of particular factual situations.

Links to External / Third Party Sites

Certain links in the website connect to other sites maintained by third parties that may or may not be presented within a frame on the website. RS has not verified the contents of such third party sites and does not endorse, warrant, promote or recommend any services or products, that may be provided or accessed through them or any person or body which may provide them. RS has not issued or caused to be issued any advertisements which may appear on these websites.

Ownership and Jurisdiction

This website is owned and operated by RS. The information contained in this website is deemed to be provided in Alberta and is subject to Alberta law and the laws of Canada applicable therein. If a reader accessed this website from outside of Canada, they do so at their own risk and are responsible for compliance with applicable local, national or international laws.

Copyright and Trademarks

All material found in the pages of this website belongs to RS and is protected under the copyright laws and trademark laws of Canada and of other applicable jurisdictions. The trademarks, service marks, logos, icons, graphics or designs, names and trade names displayed in the pages of this website belong to RS and may not be used for any purpose whatsoever without written permission from RS. For further clarity, no license to use any RS trademarks or other names is granted on this website. Any unauthorized use of this material, including unauthorized downloading, retransmission, republication or other copying or modification of material posted on this website may violate copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws and may result in legal action.


While RS welcomes emails, it cannot guarantee the security of any communication to or from this website. The Internet is subject to possible interception, loss, corruption, or alteration of communication. RS is not liable for any damages resulting from the transmission, interception or corruption of communications to or from this website. Any visitor to this website providing information to RS agrees that RS shall have no obligation with respect to such information and shall be free to use, distribute, disclose and reproduce the information to others and shall be free to be use any ideas, concepts, know-how or techniques contained in the information for any purpose whatsoever. Any information provided by a visitor to the RS website shall be non-proprietary and deemed to be non-confidential and must not violate any law or the rights of others.

Internet Communications

Due to technical difficulties typically associated with the Internet, Internet software or transmission problems could produce incomplete copies of website content with inaccurate information. RS disclaims liability for any Internet software, computer viruses or destructive programs that may be inadvertently provided through or downloaded from this website. RS recommends that you install appropriate anti-virus or other protective software.












  • RS Pole Code Imperial
  • RS Pole Code Metric
  • Pole AGH ft. [m]
  • Weight lb [kg]
  • Tip OD in. [cm]
  • Base OD in. [cm]
  • Base Plate OD in. [cm]
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Note: The RS pole selector is based on CSA Grade 2 construction with a maximum AGH deflection limit of 22% at class load for tangent and self supporting poles with line angles ≤3°. The M5/6 is not shown in the module tree as it is a base only module that stacks under the M4. The AGH shown is based on a standard embedment assumption of 10% of the pole height plus 2 ft. [0.61m] for poles 40 ft. [12.2m] and over and 10% plus 2.5 ft. [0.76m] for poles less than 40 ft. [12.2m]. The RS pole selector is for demonstration purposes only. Contact RS to confirm the correct pole for your application.