Mission, Vision, Values | RS Poles
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Mission, Vision, Values


Provide the world’s safest and most resilient composite utility structures that empower communities to build reliable, sustainable and valuable networks.


Be the world’s pre-eminent manufacturer and most trusted source of high-performance composite utility structures.


  • Caring

    We demonstrate that we care about each other and the world around us. We will not compromise anyone’s health or safety for the sake of production or profit.

  • Integrity

    We are honest with each other, our customers, our suppliers and all of our stakeholders. We do our utmost to keep our promises and hold each other to high ethical standards.

  • Quality

    We strive for excellence in all that we do, and do our best every day. We believe that world-class quality is built on the refusal to accept anything less.

  • Teamwork

    We help and support each other and seek to be greater than the sum of our parts. RS team members consistently contribute the necessary effort to achieve superior results.

  • Respect

    We will treat everyone connected with our business with courtesy, dignity and respect. 

  • Growth

    We strive to grow a profitable enterprise that is increasingly valuable to all stakeholders.












  • RS Pole Code Imperial
  • RS Pole Code Metric
  • Pole AGH ft. [m]
  • Weight lb [kg]
  • Tip OD in. [cm]
  • Base OD in. [cm]
  • Base Plate OD in. [cm]
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Note: The RS pole selector is based on CSA Grade 2 construction with a maximum AGH deflection limit of 22% at class load for tangent and self supporting poles with line angles ≤3°. The M5/6 is not shown in the module tree as it is a base only module that stacks under the M4. The AGH shown is based on a standard embedment assumption of 10% of the pole height plus 2 ft. [0.61m] for poles 40 ft. [12.2m] and over and 10% plus 2.5 ft. [0.76m] for poles less than 40 ft. [12.2m]. The RS pole selector is for demonstration purposes only. Contact RS to confirm the correct pole for your application.