Installation Flexibility | RS Poles
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Installation Flexibility

Lightweight RS poles enable installation crews to utilize lighter duty machinery during setting. In fact, most of the modules used for typical distribution poles can be carried by hand.

When setting the pole, the modules allow for installation sequencing options. The entire pole can be assembled on the ground and then installed. Alternatively, the base can be installed first and the remaining top modules added at a later time either one at a time or as a preassembled unit.

On-the-fly line design changes to pole height and class are easily accomplished by simply adding or removing the desired module. Pole modularity also provides for simple circuit height adjustments, future system expansion and revenue generating joint use potential.

Compared to traditional pole materials, smaller helicopters can be used to lift fully constructed H-frames for challenging location drops. A Norwegian utility concluded that after setting over 30 miles [48km] of a 132kV transmission line exclusively using RS poles that their total installed cost was 5-10% less using RS poles compared to wood poles. Fully framed H-frames were set in single helicopter lifts at a maximum rate of 5 miles [8km] per day!

RS poles are easily cut and/or drilled in the field.












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Note: The RS pole selector is based on CSA Grade 2 construction with a maximum AGH deflection limit of 22% at class load for tangent and self supporting poles with line angles ≤3°. The M5/6 is not shown in the module tree as it is a base only module that stacks under the M4. The AGH shown is based on a standard embedment assumption of 10% of the pole height plus 2 ft. [0.61m] for poles 40 ft. [12.2m] and over and 10% plus 2.5 ft. [0.76m] for poles less than 40 ft. [12.2m]. The RS pole selector is for demonstration purposes only. Contact RS to confirm the correct pole for your application.