Modular Design | RS Poles
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Modular Design

There are eight different module sizes in the RS pole system. These standard sized modules can be configured to build virtually any pole class up to 155 ft. [47.2 m] in length. The RS pole’s unique tapered design enables the modules to be nested in compact bundles allowing for maximized efficiencies in storage and transportation.

Standard sized modules that can be used to build custom length and strength poles lowers the lead time for deliveries, reduces inventory requirements and simplifies transportation, handling and installation. RS poles enable effective sparing strategies and ability to effectively meet numerous emergency replacement scenarios with only a minimum amount of module inventory.

Below are different module combinations to build a 75 ft. [22.8 m] pole:












  • RS Pole Code Imperial
  • RS Pole Code Metric
  • Pole AGH ft. [m]
  • Weight lb [kg]
  • Tip OD in. [cm]
  • Base OD in. [cm]
  • Base Plate OD in. [cm]
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  • -
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  • -
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Note: The RS pole selector is based on CSA Grade 2 construction with a maximum AGH deflection limit of 22% at class load for tangent and self supporting poles with line angles ≤3°. The M5/6 is not shown in the module tree as it is a base only module that stacks under the M4. The AGH shown is based on a standard embedment assumption of 10% of the pole height plus 2 ft. [0.61m] for poles 40 ft. [12.2m] and over and 10% plus 2.5 ft. [0.76m] for poles less than 40 ft. [12.2m]. The RS pole selector is for demonstration purposes only. Contact RS to confirm the correct pole for your application.