High performance RS modular composite utility poles provide a cost effective, reliable solution where environmental conditions, weight, physical access, lead time, aesthetic considerations, transportation, high strength, enhanced safety or long service life are required for new lines or pole replacement.

Insstallation of RS composite utility polesSignificant portions of the utility grid were installed decades ago. Aging structures endure constant attack from rot, corrosion, woodpeckers and termites and are regularly challenged by ice storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, vandals and even vehicular impact. New line construction and pole replacement can be problematic with long lead times, challenging terrain, right of way issues, environmental assessments, disposal costs, power interruptions and costly equipment requirements.

The RS Poles Solution

RS Composite Utility Poles are constructed from combinations of up to eight standard-sized tubular modules to create poles with heights ranging from 30 ft. [9.1 m] to 155 ft. [47.2 m] that use standard industry hardware. RS poles deliver the following:

  • Lowest Logistics Costs with industry best lead times, more efficient transportation, fast installations and cost effective inventory management.
  • Lowest Liability with a limited 41 year warranty, high dielectric strength providing improved safety for workers and the public, better storm and high wind resilience, faster response times in emergencies and minimal environmental impact.
  • Longest Life with an 80 year service life, integrated UV protection and immunity to rot, corrosion, woodpeckers and termites.