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Introducing NEW PowerON™ Crossarms!

RS's highly anticipated product line expansion features continued exclusive use of polyurethane resin for the highest performing crossarms available.


Some composite crossarm manufacturers quietly recommend a maximum working load of only 50% of their arm's mean ultimate strength. As a true engineered composite material, RS's low coefficient of variation (CoV) of the ultimate load values enables a straightforward 5% lower exclusion level (LEL) approach for allowable load calculations. RS clearly publishes the 5% LEL allowable load which permits the line designer to easily select the correct PowerON™ crossarm for the application. Furthermore, RS's low CoV results in an allowable load that is almost 100% more than competitors using the 50% strength reduction approach with the same beam size and similar initial mean ultimate loads.


Just like trusted RS PowerON™ Poles, polyurethane resin enables the highest fiber volume possible in the finished composite, resulting in the strongest crossarms per unit volume. When paired with a PowerON™ Composite Pole, this results in the most effective solution for resilient grid hardening.


100% UV stabilized aliphatic polyurethane resin is used to provide the highest UV protection available.


The industry leading UV stability of the aliphatic polyurethane combined with the polyurethane topcoat work together to ensure a minimum service life of 80 years - 20 years longer than any other available composite crossarm.


Field drillable anywhere on the centerline of the crossarm without the use of any secondary inserts due to high density closed cell polyurethane foam (10 pcf) throughout the interior of the crossarm. This high-density foam also ensures superior torque resistance. Pre-drilled holes are also available.


  • Bracket integrity. Center mount brackets exhibit no permanent deformation under load.
  • Permanently affixed endcaps. Internal self-locking mechanism eliminates endcap loss in-field.
  • High dielectric properties. Demonstrates higher Basic Insulation Level (BIL) performance due to the integrity of the aliphatic polyurethane composite.
  • Lowest moisture ingress. Fiber-reinforced aliphatic polyurethane composites have the lowest water ingress thereby ensuring no structural degradation and dielectric strength retention over its 80-year service life.
  • No hazardous air pollutants. RS's polyurethane resin contains no hazardous pollutants or volatile organic compounds in production, creating an inert material with no residual trapped solvents when cured.
  • No rot, no leaching. Unlike wood alternatives, the composite material is fully dense with no surface porosity and therefore is of no interest to insects.


Delivering the same suite of benefits you've come to expect from our long-trusted PowerON™ composite products:

  • Non-conductive
  • Sustainable
  • Inert, non-leaching composite
  • No scheduled maintenance
  • Consistent ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing

PowerON™ Crossarms are thoroughly tested with clearly published ultimate and allowable load values, no 50% derating required. When paired with RS PowerON™ Poles, the crossarms create an industry leading grid hardening utility structure system that boosts resiliency to the highest available standard in overhead lines.

Download the RS PowerON™ Crossarms Technical Information Summary or the following data sheets for more information: