Introducing the new PowerON™ Singular Pole.

Setting the standard in single-piece resilience and convenience - with no assembly required.

The definitive choice engineered to deliver consistent and predictable performance in the face of today's intensifying weather events. Designed for overhead distribution lines and other applications, the safe, non-conductive RS PowerON Singular Poles enables you to achieve your grid hardening goals. Because the highest priority is maintaining power and safely keeping your communities connected.


The foundation for the singular pole's ability to withstand the ravages of weather and wildlife is its unique composite shell – the RS Pole Shield – designed using polyurethane resin to provide an unparalleled layer of protection against harsh conditions:

  • UV Shield. The Pole Shield is manufactured using UV stabilized polyurethane resin, delivering the highest UV protection with no scheduled maintenance over its 80-year service life.
  • Fire Shield™. Designed with a self-extinguishing composite material providing proven protection to extreme wildfire conditions.
  • Impact Shield. The added strength of this shield enables the pole to withstand common and anticipated impact damage.


At its core, the Singular Pole is designed to deliver the same high-performance benefits you've come to expect from our PowerON Modular Poles, including:


PowerON Singular Poles save time and money over conventional pole materials in the following strategic applications:


Pole Length ANSI O5.1 Class Weight
40 ft. [12.2 m] H1 826 lb [375 kg]
45 ft. [13.7 m] CL1 928 lb [422 kg]
50 ft. [15.2 m] CL1 1030 lb [468 kg]
55 ft. [16.8 m] CL2 1041 lb [472 kg]
  • Available in any cut length up to 55 ft. [16.8 m]
  • Lightweight composite structure
  • Single piece

PowerON poles are available in either grey or brown to match existing wood and steel poles or to blend in with the scenery. The surface of the pole is easily cleaned of graffiti and poster glue, and is resistant to staples.