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Barkley Technologies Inc.  
Utility Consultants 
42 King Crescent 
Huntsville, Ontario  P1H 1X6     

Barkley Technologies was selected by Grand Bahama Power Company to design a 22 mile 69kV transmission line from Freeport to Grand Bahama’s developing West End.

Reliability of the line, feeding a $4.5 billion Ginn Sur Mer resort complex, was paramount especially in light of the damage sustained to lines during the hurricanes of 2004 and 2005.

Design considerations of the new build included a line that would sustain 150 mph wind speeds, overall life cycle cost effectiveness including future maintenance, ease of installation using existing equipment and an environmentally sensitive solution.

For poles specifically, we investigated all types of materials including wood, steel, concrete and composite that were evaluated for material resistance to UV, combustion, salt contamination, corrosive soils, insects, and birds.

After our evaluation was complete, the RS modular composite pole provided the best all around solution the only composite pole that we could analyze in PLS-POLE™. RS modular composite poles provide distinct advantages over wood, steel, and concrete. Although the economic evaluation alone justified their use, the most significant advantage that the RS poles will contribute to the 69kV line build is the ability for Grand Bahama Power forces to install 100% of the poles, minimizing the need for specialized line crews and eliminating any additional equipment requirements beyond their existing fleet.

Best regards,
Tim Bell
President | Barkley Technologies Inc. 

RS composite poles installed for Barkley Technologies initiative