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College Station Utilities
P.O. Box 9960
1601 Graham Road
College Station, TX  77842

College Station Utilities has been on the leading edge using composites since the mid 1990s. We realize the distinct advantages that composites provide, especially when it comes to utility poles. Composite poles are lighter in weight, easier for field modifications, and safer for my crews due to their extremely low conductivity.

In 2006, we bought our first RS poles and installed in both low voltage Distribution and high voltage Transmission applications. In the applications of RS poles to date, we have been more than satisfied with their performance.

We are watching the performance of our RS poles closely as our goal is tot one day use only composite, steel, and concrete poles. To date we are very pleased, and I look forward to continuing to work with RS Technologies Inc. in the future!

Tony Michalsky
Electric T&D Superintendent, Electric Utility Department | College Station Utilities

RS composite poles installed for College Station initiative