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Midlite Powerline Construction
P.O. Box 6122
Fort McMurray, AB  T9H 4W1

After considering a wide variety of options, we chose the RS modular composite utility pole for a 3-kilometer 260kV transmission line. The new line is part of a large, multi-million-dollar expansion project currently underway in the Athabasca oil sands region in northeastern Alberta, Canada. Compared to the other transmission poles we evaluated, the RS pole was the most cost-effective option we found. The 18-metre (60-ft.) composite poles that we have received were light weight and the modules arrived nested within each other, meaning transportation, assembly and installation was easier and less expensive than that of traditional poles. Additionally, an expected service life of up to 80 years and zero maintenance required should result in additional cost savings.

Shawn Woon
Manager | Midlite Powerline Construction Ltd.

RS composite poles installed for Midlite initiative