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PowerSouth Energy Cooperative
2027 East Three Notch Street
Andalusia, AL  36420

We needed a tall pole to be used for a telecommunications antenna in a substation where there was very limited access and maneuverability. Typically, a steel or concrete pole would have been utilized in this application. The primary limiting factor was that the entire pole must weigh below 10,000 pounds and must be delivered in two or more sections. We obtained bids for a steel pole, a concrete pole, and a fiberglass pole from RS Technologies Inc. (RS). During bid evaluations, the concrete pole was ruled out due to the weight limitation. In comparing the steel pole to the fiberglass pole, we found the fiberglass pole to be a little less cost with a shorter delivery time. We elected to order three fiberglass poles rather than just one pole so that we would have additional poles on hand for future applications where there were limiting factors such as with this project. The installation went quickly and we were assisted by the RS regional account manager since this was our first installation of an RS pole.

Since that time, we have installed the second fiberglass pole from RS. That installation would have been suitable for the less costly concrete pole; however, a crane would have been rented just to install the one pole since there were no other poles needed at the site to share the crane cost. With those factors considered, the fiberglass pole was again the desirable choice. This second installation was completed using only the brief installation guidelines supplied by RS and some knowledge retained from the previous installation.

John M. Twitty, P.E.
Transmission Engineering and Construction Supervisor | PowerSouth Energy Cooperative

RS composite poles installed for PowerSouth initiative