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Seaside Wireless Communications Inc.
325 Vulcan Avenue
Sydney, NS  B1P 5X1

We are constructing one of the world’s largest wireless broadband networks to date, and our experience with your product has confirmed the many advantages of using the RS monopole throughout our communications network.

At the time we began, we understand your product was primarily used by electrical utilities, and ours was a relatively new application for the RS monopole. RS worked with us to quickly develop the specific telecom and safety hardware we required, and at this point we are using your product almost exclusively for our further network expansion.

The logistical advantages or the RS poles have allowed us to keep ahead of a very tight build schedule, and the modular concept facilitates exceptional inventory flexibility given that our installations typically range in height from 20 to 40 meters (all constructed from standard modules). In addition, the RS monopole has contributed to shortened lead times, fast, economic and permit-free transportation, and extremely efficient pole assembly and setting.

We are continuing to find new applications of this versatile product and the RS engineering team has always been there to support us.

David Horton
General Manager | Seaside Wireless Communications Inc.

RS composite poles installed for Seaside initiative