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Tampa Electric
Transmission Operations
820 S. 78th Street
Tampa, FL  33619

We recently completed our 69kV transmission maintenance project using the RS composite poles and I wanted to share some of our experience with you.

This maintenance project included the replacement of eight poles that were severely damaged by woodpeckers. It also presented many challenges including a very limited access for crews and equipment as well as a three phase underbuilt distribution circuit that remained energized throughout the project.

The RS pole was selected so that we could take advantage of the light weight, multiple section poles. Our project was very successful and the feedback from our Line Supervisors and crewmembers was very positive including many comments on the ease of handling, installation and assembly of the poles.

We look forward to future projects using the RS composite poles and believe the upcoming availability of the PLS pole models will create further opportunities.

Phillip E. Hughes II, P.E.
Operations Engineer, Transmission Operations | TECO

RS composite poles installed for TECO initiative