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Engineering Services

RS is built on a foundation of engineering excellence. From initial product design through to continuous testing and product qualification, we steadily raise the bar on product performance and customer support.

When it comes to your project, to ensure a long-lasting, resilient installation, RS offers our engineering services to you at no charge. Our dedicated and qualified team of experienced engineers work with you from preliminary planning to line completion to support you in the following areas:

  1. Power Line Systems' (PLS) Structural Analysis - To quantify pole/structure utilization and deflection performance;
  2. Hardware review - To ensure all connection loads managed; and
  3. Pole/Structure Drawings - Providing all relevant details including pole characteristics, center of gravity lifting points, pre-drilled holes, hardware bill of material, etc.

The RS Engineering team further supports your progress by providing guidance and resources during the engineering standardization process.

RS can even provide PLS training in how to change your PLS-POLE™ and PLS-CADD™ analyses to an FRP composite solution.

RS poles can also be analyzed independently using the FRP library files available from Power Line Systems (PLS) and SPIDA® Software. To obtain the RS poles library files for SPIDA®Calc, please contact RS.


RS poles are typically direct embedded following the general embedment rule for wood poles of 10% of the pole length plus 2 ft. [0.6m].

Holes can be prepared using an auger, excavator, or water jet. Depending on site conditions, backfill options can consist of any of the following:

  • Compacted native soil
  • Compacted 1/2 in. [13 mm] minus crushed limestone
  • Compacted 3/4 in. [19 mm] minus granular A (road crush)
  • Expanding pole setting foam
  • Concrete

For increased foundation durability or to further reduce installation time by pre-digging the holes, RS poles can be set in a sleeve (corrugated plastic, steel, or precast concrete) and back filled with any of the above.

RS poles may also be utilized with surface rock mounts, swamp mats, helical screw piles, bored rock holes, blasted rock holes and many other types of installations. Contact RS to find out more information.

*PLS-POLE™ and PLS-CADD™ are trademarks of Power Line Systems Inc.®. SPIDA® is a registered trademark of SPIDAWeb LLC.