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The distribution grid has millions of poles located in challenging areas. Some of these locations could even be in your own backyard as decades of urban intensification have built up around the grid, effectively isolating pole locations in back lots behind row houses. Until recently, the only way to change poles in these locations was with a crane, adding unnecessary cost and risk to what would otherwise be a simple pole replacement.

Lightweight RS modules coupled with the RS PowerON™ gin pole enables poles in these locations to be safely and efficiently replaced by hand.

RS PowerON gin pole assembly sequence diagram
Figure 1


Gin Pole Operation

Operation of the PowerON gin pole is easy and allows a crew of four to vertically erect poles up to 78 ft. [23.8 m] by hand, without the use of heavy equipment. Figure 1 details the assembly sequence:

  1. The base module (M5) is installed in the ground and the gin pole is attached to the base module with ratchet straps.
  2. the next module (M4) is lifted above the base module (M5) and the slip joint is assembled.
  3. The gin pole is moved up to the top module (M4) and the next module (M3) is lifted and the slip joint assembled.
  4. The process is repeated until the pole is completely assembled.