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There is a lot of discussion about resiliency and infrastructure these days. While overhead line reliability and the related metrics that electric utilities are measured on are historical in nature, resiliency is forward-looking and probabilistic.

From a utility's perspective, resilience is the ability of the networks to absorb high load disruptions to maintain power delivery where possible and to restore lost connections safely and efficiently. Essentially, it is the ability to bounce back from an extreme weather event. If resiliency is 100%, it equals the absence of disruption.

RS poles are manufactured using a durable, engineered composite material. Our performance margin, which is the additional capacity of the pole beyond its published strength, in not 10-15% like other engineered materials like steel and concrete, it is upwards of 100%, guaranteeing RS poles are the most resilient pole available. With modular pole installations dating back to 2003 at over 450 utilities in 28 countries, RS has the proven grid-hardening performance track record in hurricanes, ice storms and even tornadoes to offer a 41-year warranty.

Lightweight RS poles are non-conductive and do not support combustion, ensuring that fire threats are mitigated and providing a safe working environment for crews in live line conditions.

The RS Poles Solution

RS composite utility poles are available in both of the following configurations:

Nested modular pole
Modular Pole, for lengths up to 155 ft. [47.2 m]

RS Modular Poles deliver the following:

  • Lowest logistics costs with more efficient transportation, fast installations and cost-effective inventory management.
  • Elimination of wood pole liabilities with high dielectric strength providing improved safety for workers and the public, better storm and high load resilience, virtual elimination of pole unplanned replacement and minimal environmental impact as a result of the inert composite material.
  • Longest life with an 80-year no scheduled maintenance service life, integrated UV protection and immunity to rot, corrosion, woodpeckers and other threats.

Public Satisfaction

RS's controlled manufacturing process is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ensures consistent lifetime performance and aesthetics.

RS Modular Poles  are available in either grey or brown to match existing wood and steel poles or to blend in with the scenery. The surface of the pole is easily cleaned of graffiti and poster glue, and is resistant to staples.