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As severe weather events intensify around the world, power grids are increasingly tested by damaging hurricane winds, powerful winter ice storms and scorching fires that ravage millions of acres annually. In the face of these mounting climatic challenges, more than ever before, we need to stay connected – to the electrical grid, to the internet, to each other. Never in our history have essential services been more clearly defined. To stay connected, we need to keep the power on.  

RS offers a sustainable solution with its RS composite products. With installations dating back to 2003, our non-conductive RS poles are the safest and most resilient pole on the market. Sustainable RS poles are backed by a 41-year warranty and have demonstrated a near perfect performance record by reliably standing strong in nature’s harshest conditions across 28 countries. 

High-performance RS poles are the most dependable pole solution for strategic applications like supporting high-value equipment, remote or challenging installations, and whenever other poles don’t last as long as they should. 

Given our ever-increasing dependence on essential infrastructure, the electric utility industry is thinking longer-term and is seeking safe, proven, environmentally sound, engineered solutions. Simply put, RS poles are the safest guardian of connectivity… because in the midst of the storm, when the going gets tough, we all need to power on