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RS Modular Poles are constructed from standard-sized tubular modules to create poles with heights of up to 155 ft. [47.2 m] in a complete range of strengths and stiffnesses that use standard industry hardware. RS poles deliver the following:

  • Lowest logistics costs with more efficient transportation, fast installations and cost-effective inventory management.
  • Elimination of wood pole liabilities with a limited 41-year warranty, high dielectric strength providing improved safety for workers and the public, better storm and high load resilience, virtual elimination of pole unplanned replacement and minimal environmental impact as a result of the inert composite material.
  • Longest life with an 80-year no scheduled maintenance service life, integrated UV protection and immunity to rot, corrosion, woodpeckers and other threats.
  • Lightweight RS Modular Poles are non-conductive and do not support combustion, ensuring that fire threats are mitigated and proving a safe working environment for crews in live line conditions.


There are eight module sizes in the RS Modular Pole system. These standard-sized modules can be configured to build virtually any pole class up to 155 ft. [47.2 m] in length. The RS pole's unique tapered design enables the modules to be nested in compact bundles, allowing for maximized efficiencies in storage and transportation.

Below are different module combinations to build a 75 ft. [22.8 m] pole:

Pole module combinations diagram


RS's controlled manufacturing process is ISO 9001:2015 certified and ensures consistent lifetime performance and aesthetics.

RS poles are available in either grey or brown to match existing wood and steel poles or to blend in with the scenery. The surface of the pole is easily cleaned of graffiti and poster glue, and is resistant to staples.