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Submitted by RS Technologies Inc. on Mon, 05/19/2014 - 16:06

COLUMBUS, Ohio, May 19, 2014 – SPIDA® Software has partnered with RS Technologies Inc. (RS) to develop a material library containing RS modular composite utility poles up to 80 ft. [24.4 m] for their SPIDACalc Structure Analysis Software.
RS, with support from SPIDA, has generated an RS Pole material library, or client file, for SPIDACalc software that includes RS pole length and class combinations up to 80 ft. [24.4m]. Having access to this information allows utilities to easily model any RS pole configuration with SPIDACalc for both new installations and upgrades of existing infrastructure. SPIDA and RS will continue to collaborate and plan to release the library files for RS pole lengths up to 155 ft. [47.2 m] in the near future to enable SPIDACalc users to utilize the full range of RS poles.
“A client file in SPIDACalc plays an important role in the software by defining the engineering values and options available to users. Partnering with RS allows our users to access the most accurate data straight from the manufacturer. This achievement makes the evaluation and selection of RS poles convenient and easy for our users,” said Brett Willitt, Vice President of SPIDA Software.
Through this partnership, RS’s customers using SPIDACalc are now able to use the most up to date RS pole engineering values to produce precise analysis results. “We are very pleased that SPIDACalc users can now use the new RS data library to accurately and conveniently model RS pole structures. Many of our customers will appreciate the expanded design capability, and our technical team is pleased to have partnered with the SPIDA Software team on this project,” stated Howard Elliott, President and CEO of RS.
SPIDACalc users interested in obtaining an RS Pole Client File can contact RS at or 1-403-219-8000.

About SPIDA Software:

SPIDA Software is leading the way with affordable, practical and cutting-edge software products that help electric and telecommunication utilities better design, manage and track their physical assets. SPIDACalc is the industry-leading structural analysis software that performs pole loading, pole strength and guying analyses. SPIDMin Asset Administration Software is a web-based, spatial application with configurable project management tools to coordinate utility activities including pole attachments and field inspection programs.

SPIDA’s user-friendly products can be used independently or deployed as SPIDA’s Structure Management System. The Structure Management System combines asset management and structural engineering into a centralized platform that transforms and simplifies daily tasks such as asset inspections, engineering, and joint use coordination. In an ever-changing industry, SPIDA continues to provide innovative technology tools necessary for system hardening and reliability initiatives.

About RS Technologies:

RS Technologies Inc. is a customer and technology driven company that designs, engineers, and manufactures composite utility poles. The poles are used in transmission, distribution and communication applications and offer a lighter, more durable, and longer-lasting solution over wood, steel and concrete alternatives. In many instances, the environmentally friendly poles deliver the lowest total installed and lifecycle cost solution of any pole on the market. With installations dating back to 2003, RS has over 450 customers globally and is ISO 9001:2015 registered.

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Tim Spratt
Director, Sales