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Hydro Ottawa
2711 Hunt Club Road
Ottawa, Ontario  K1G 3S4

Hydro Ottawa is a traditional wood (treated cedar and pine) pole utility. These poles have served Hydro Ottawa well. However, there are environmental concerns regarding the use of wood and wood treatments. There is also increased public interest for improved aesthetics in overhead lines. Hydro Ottawa is reviewing its options for alternative pole materials and RS modular composite poles were a logical choice for Hydro Ottawa to explore. A new pole line along Innes Road in Ottawa’s east end was chosen as trial installation site. The poles were pre-drilled to fit our framing standards and are readily accessible for aerial device bucket work.

Thirty-eight 60-foot Class 2 RS poles were installed along a heavily travelled bypass road on the outskirts of the city. The poles were delivered nested, four lengths one inside the other, and were easily transported to site on the back of a flatbed trailer. The nested poles were off-loaded with standard Hydro vehicles. Two men could handle individual sections of pole. The lengths were assembled on-site by hand in relative short order. The use of any additional trucks or equipment was not required.

This area has traditionally experienced woodpecker damage. By using RS poles, this is no longer a concern. It is expected that these poles will provide Hydro Ottawa with a long, reliable, and maintenance free service life.

Hydro Ottawa has purchased more RS composite poles for another project in the west end. RS Technologies Inc. continues to work closely with Hydro Ottawa to develop improvements in assembly, installation, and design to accommodate the various types of plant installed on the poles.

Bill Bennett P.Eng, MBA
Director Distribution Planning | Hydro Ottawa

RS composite poles installed for Hydro Ottawa initiative