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South Louisiana Electric Cooperative Association (SLECA)
P.O. Box 4037
Houma, LA  70361

SLECA has many utility poles in our system that are located in hard to reach locations and many are surrounded by deep vegetation. It was therefor the light weight and module design of RS poles that initially caught our attention as a unique solution to some of our most difficult applications. Of course, with our proximity to the Gulf Coast we are also very interested in your poles’ capabilities to resist air corrosion as well as the Lifetime Guarantee that these poles will not fail in a hurricane.

In 2009, we bought our first RS pole and installed it in a back lot in Houma, LA where it would have been difficult to access with any other pole. The installation was very successful and we are already looking for the next location for us to use another RS pole.

Gable Duplantis
Operations Superintendent | SLECA – South Louisiana Electric Cooperative Association